Thursday, June 16, 2011

Insides of the Boss BR-1180

While I was replacing the hard drive for a Boss BR-1180, I decided to snap some photos of the insides for those interested (myself).

BR-1180's insides...
I didn't open it fully, this is just the backside, but anyway the most interesting circuits are here. I'm quessing the other side has only some simple circuits for the knobs, sliders, buttons and the LCD screen.

Boss has a cute little 5V power supply inside. I'm guessing this powers the whole thing and also gives power to the HD.

The 5V power supply.

Some chips on the mainboard.

Another shot, showing a couple more chips.
I looked up some of the most interesting chips on the board. Included were a Boss S1L50753, Roland RO223J767, Hyundai GM71V18163CT6, Hynix HY57V641620HG, Boss R02900434, and a Fujitsu 29LV160BE.

There was no search results for the proprietary chips Roland R0223J767 or the Boss R02900434. I'm quessing thefirst is the main CPU of the whole thing and the second is the BOSS effects DSP.

The "Boss" S1L50753 seems to be an FPGA by Epson. The GM71V18163CT6 is a RAM and the HY57V641620HG a DRAM chip.

The Fujitsu 29LV160BE is a 16M Flash memory.

Here's the analog board, covering all the input and output ports and related circuits.

The analog board of the BR-1180.

What do we learn from all this?
Absolutely nothing.

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  1. Have you ever replaced the pins where the cable from the CD rom snap into?